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Makutano ya Wajasiriamali, welcomes you to its Entrepreneurs Junction where entrepreneurial business skills and entrepreneurs meet. You too can become part of it, by becoming our volunteer, skill trainer, or donor. So, if you share the same vision as us, come join hands working on change, chance, and challenges

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Bank Name: CRDB Bank
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NumberTZS Account No: 0133459523700
You can also donate online through Global Giving website.

Our Dream, Our Goals



The public health crisis of COVID-19, brought economic crisis as well in every country, and its people. Tanzania (East Africa) is no indifferent to it. Hence at this unprecedented time, we further realized the importance of entrepreneurial business. As because of coronavirus pandemic many got laid off, many lost jobs, and unwillingly had to stay unemployed worldwide. Especially, the marginalized populations with lost livelihood and low bank savings, found COVID-19 to be more problematic. But same was not the case, with our job givers, the entrepreneurs. COVID-19 in fact hinted entrepreneurial businesses, to make themselves further innovative, Information Technology oriented, and insightful to become ‘pandemic-proof’ entrepreneurs of future. This is our finding, and we are working for actualisation of the same.

Though Tanzania based MAWA-EJU, due to COVID-19 trimmed its social entrepreneurship training programmes for the sake of public health safety. This has instead backfired entrepreneurial empowerment and the donations we receive for it, from our project proposals. Its effect will also be on our future operations, this is why we appeal you to make donations as per your capacity. For each of the valuable donated amount, will be used to fund our reformed entrepreneurial business supports services for the less privileged. So please donate, for our dreams, our goals.

MAWA-EJU’s already trained and skilled social entrepreneurs also make donations for other new entrepreneurial businesses, but we still need your help to go a long way. Let’s not make entrepreneurship a luxury ‘career option’ for rich, but also a successful ‘career choice’ for the less rich and marginalized people.


Jeska, the Cloth Designer
Jeska, the dress maker;
Girls like Jeska, can now design pretty clothes. As we impart them child-friendly skill training. Jeska learnt designing dress, from Class Sixth of her primary school.
James and Ulimboka making toys
James and Ulimboka, find toy making more joyous than playing with toys:
While boys like, James and Ulimboka have learnt making toy trucks that they can sell in market. As, we believe that early learning is best learning.
Kindly Note: Due consideration is taken while skilling children. Use of essential tools by them, are done under guidance of our trainers.
Hekima, the Software Developer
Hekima, the Software Developer:
If we didn’t provide Software Development Skills to Hekima, in his crucial initial years of entrepreneurship. Then, today he wouldn’t have been able to provide his services as business management software developer. Seeing his computer skills, we are proud of him as well.
Mary, the Entrepreneur
Mary, the farmer cum entrepreneur:
Mary used to be a seasonal farm worker, but now she is a farmer cum entrepreneur herself. Wherein, chicken rearing and vegetable farming has increased and will keep on increasing her income. All this with assistive sponsorship and donations facilitated by MAWA, that fuels budding entrepreneurs’ sheer will, interests, and hard work into a profession.

We Engaug, We Enlight. We Empower
With …
  • $5/month: You train one girl, with sewing skills
  • $10/month: You provide 5kg of fruits/vegetables seeds to a person wanting to be a farmer
  • $30/month: You finance a financially less privileged student, willing to join a business school.
  • $100/month: You buy a well-equipped sewing machine to a girl, wishing to grow up as a woman entrepreneur.
  • $200+/month: You fund skill training programme, for entire community.