Our Impact

Entrepreneurship scares many, yet Makutano ya Wajasiriamali is committed towards making it one of the most sought career options. We do this by community networking, focused mentoring, and multi-sectoral skill building of interest community members. This way, we build agricultural farmers, travel & tourism agents, retailers, and many other professionals all at one place.


  • Training entrepreneurship skills, education and awareness education
  • Foster entrepreneurs’ empowerment and motivation (capital and encouragement)
  • Search for various entrepreneurship opportunities and share them to our beneficiaries
  • Foster innovative entrepreneurial innovative ideas
  • To create awareness, grow and nurture entrepreneurship talents and spirit
  • To convene entrepreneurship seminars and workshops
  • To conduct entrepreneurship exhibitions and gallery works
  • To promote entrepreneurship products and services through advertising in our media
  • Provision of small-scale entrepreneurial business consultancy
  • To participate in entrepreneurship programmes
  • Prepare various entrepreneurial projects
  • Conduct mass media entrepreneurship education and awareness
  • Cooperate or partner with other organizations in promoting entrepreneurship

Our Target Groups
To realise sustainability and effectiveness of our programs, we target;
  • Children
  • Youths
  • Women
  • Organizations/institutions/companies
  • Special groups eg handicapped
  • Businessmen and women
The main aim is to inculcate entrepreneurial culture, and to nurture the budding entrepreneurs throughout various stage of life and business. So that, they could become a job giver, and not a job seeker. This way, our community of entrepreneurs can raise living standards of self and of others working under them, as well. This is our goal, with a vision to make Tanzania and its people self-reliant and socio-economically developed.
The time we achieve both our goal and vision, we make a change. But since every economic activity need finances, we too need donationsto fund our future entrepreneurs’ development.

1. Producers
  • Farmers/peasants (crops, fruits, vegetables etc)
  • Livestock keepers (Chicken, Cattle, Bees, etc)
  • Fishermen and women
  • Miners

2. Manufacturers/processors/small scale industrialists
  • Makers/processors of drinks, beverages, soaps, clothes, food and utensils

3. Wholesalers and retailers
  • Food vendors (Mama/babalishe)
  • Matching guys (machinga)
  • Shoppers
  • Transporters and distributors

4. Facilitators
  • Banks/SACCOs and MFIs
  • Government institutions (Both national and international)
  • Non-Governmental institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • Sponsors and investors

5. Service providers
  • Religious and social institutions
  • Environmental institutions
  • Social welfare departments
  • Mass and social media
  • Tourism, sports and games etc